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Corporate Workshops

Slide Build your employees
From the inside-out.
Whether you have 3-person strong team or a 300 person strong team,
the employees in your business will always be the strongest asset you have
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Personal Influence and Employee Branding in the workplace

Your team is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. If you are adding new product categories, going after a new market segment, establishing a new sales campaign, or simply, trying to increase your bottom line, it’s a great time to start investing in the individual brands that form your team and you! And guess what, it doesn’t matter if you are a one-man show, entrepreneur or an employee, personal branding benefits everyone.

Learn the secrets of personal branding in this course as I outline how to develop your story, craft your messaging, define your audience and more.

I’ll then walk you through building your brand presence online and off, creating a calendar that will help you stay on top of social media and keep your content fresh. We’ll even look at how personal branding in itself can be monetized and how you and your executives can land speaking engagements.

  • The Power of Networks
  • The Art of public speaking
  • Media Training & Public Relations
  • Corporate Etiquette & How to dress for the job
  • Dressing for your body shape
  • Mastering Linkedin
Social Media Corporate Policy

Your company’s social media policy is a document that outlines how your organisation and its employees should conduct themselves online. It provides guidance and guidelines around safeguarding the brand reputation on social media and serves to educate employees on etiquette and professionalism.

Like most companies, you probably provided the social media policy at the point of employee on-boarding as part of the contractual process between employee and employee.

But was this document truly read, understood and incorporated by your employees?
Are you 100% certain that all of your employees are abiding by the rules and not posting content that could potentially pose a threat to your organisation’s reputation?

If the answer is no, you need this workshop. Designed to not only help your employees navigate through the do’s and don’ts, regulatory or compliance obligations but also, empower them to turn their social media presence into an asset for their careers and to the company – by turning them into experts in their industry, and ambassadors for your company.

  • Social Media Guidelines
    • Every platform explained – use, audience, purpose and tone
    • Optimizing your personal profile
    • Rules of engagement
  • Social Media Policy
    • Obligations to your organisation
    • Social Media Policy Explained
Digital Marketing & SEO

The course provides advanced training in skills and knowledge relating to marketing in a business environment, digitally. Participants learn about social media marketing, email marketing, digital PR, blogging, lead generation, SEO and more.

Participants typically learn what really works and what to avoid for the successful promotion of an online store.

This is a practical and impact-orientated with the use of case studies, assignments and test sites and tools.

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