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Why hire Tania as your MC or Moderator?

As a trained professional speaker and business owner, I know the stress that can happen behind the scenes when it comes to eventing – and this at all levels. Whether you are hosting a 10 person roundtable or a 5000 person convention, as the organizer there are so many things you need to focus on.

I come in to make your life easier. With me, you can trust that your speakers, guests, VIPs, sponsors, as well as the general public are in good hands. From a warm introductory welcome and prep note to proper briefings before the event takes place, to accurate and appreciated speaker introductions on the day.

And that, even when chaos is happening, I remain calm and professional and have proven to be highly skilled in the art of masterfully keeping an audience entertained and masking the unplanned “emergencies” that are taking place behind the scenes.

But beyond all, my biggest strength is my passion and energy, and that’s why I love to be actively involved in the event and that’s also the reason why I abstain from events in which I have no personal interest or experience. It makes a world of a difference to have a moderator that knows the industry they are talking about.

This service is available for in-person and virtual events.


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