SA-EU Strategic Partnership Dialogue Conference

    • Role: Speaker and Panellist
    • Event: SA-EU Strategic Partnership Dialogue Conference
    • Place: Pretoria, South Africa
    • Organisations: European Union, Government of South Africa
    • Topic : Needs-based Innovation

Europe and South Africa are in dialogue!

Habimana was invited to participate as a speaker and panellist at the SA-EU Dialogue Facility‘s dialogue event which welcomed key members of governments from both South Africa and the EU.

The Dialogue Facility contributes to the strengthening of relations between the European Union (EU) and South Africa (SA). Its purpose is to facilitate the implementation of priority aspects of the SA-EU Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) and the Strategic Partnership Joint Action Plan (SP-JAP) and raise awareness of the special relationship between the EU and SA.

Habimana spoke on the topic of “needs-based innovation” and urged policymakers to think forward and to create an environment that fosters innovation for generations to come. She spoke of the uniqueness of African entrepreneurs and the potential that the African continent holds.

The conference was themes around “Disruptive technologies and public policy in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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