Tailored Business - The TV Show

To be broadcast on CNBC Africa & Trace TV, The Tailored Business Show is a 5-part series on entrepreneurship and doing business in Africa. The synopsis is as follows :

The Tailored Business TV show follows the journey of Tania Habimana, a young Rwandan female African entrepreneur & suit tailor, as she travels across Africa making suits for successful business people. She uses the suit fitting appointment as an opportunity to interview her prominent clients and gain tips & insights on starting a business in Africa. In each episode she tackles a particular entrepreneur’s dilemma – from raising funding to hiring to using technology to marketing, Tania captures her audience by letting them in on the real-life journey of a start-up entrepreneur.

Season 1 sees Tania unpack key issues around start-up finance, real estate, human capital, the power of technology and logistics in London, Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi.

Featured guests include Darshan Chandaria (CEO Chandaria Group), Mike Macharia (Founder SevenSeas Technologies), Tomi Davis (Co-Founder of the Lagos Angel Network and President of the African Business Angel Network), Peter from Psquare (Nigerian Singer-Songwriter), Tonye Cole (Co-founder of Sahara Group), Paul Owuanibe (CEO of Landmark Group) and many more.

Details & Info

Tailored Business is part of a pan African movement with the goal of driving entrepreneurship across the continent as well as empowering African business owners and entrepreneurs with the right tools and knowledge to succeed.

The campaign has been dubbed as the ‘Robin Hood’ of knowledge, taking insights and expert tips from top African business minds and sharing it with startup entrepreneurs and SME business owners.